S O U N D B I T E: Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’

It is no secret that we are Arcade Fire fans at the shop. Maybe it is the badge pass hanging proudly behind the till, maybe it is Amy’s blue Arcade Fire Tee that is worn on the regular or maybe it is the good chance that when you walk through the doors The Suburbs is playing on high… WE LOVE THE FIRE.

This rad Canadian band stole our hearts well before they were winning any Grammys and one of the best nights with our crew was heading down to a partitioned off Sask Place to rock our faces off to our favourite indy band.

We have been highly anticipating the release of their new album and Arcade Fires new single “Reflektor” did not disappoint. ENJOY.

Boyfriend’s Closet – New B L O G

We are very excited about this rad new fashion blog “Boyfriend’s Closet.” Check out this sweet video from the launch party done in collaboration with our friends Swank Shoe Lounge.

This gals has style and TRUST US so does her other half Mr. Zac Weal. There are a few special pieces in HIS closet from the shop. Be sure to follow it. We sure will.


S O U N D B I T E – Father John Misty

There is a high likelihood that if you wandered into the shop in the last while that Father John Misty is playing from the speakers. We love this cool cat. Anyone who is in any way connected to the Fleet Foxes is worth checking out. You may also find him touring around with one of our other favorites Damien Jurado. A couple of the L+H family members just got back from seeing him at Osheaga and said he was pretty fricken dreamy.



Levis Vintage Clothing

At L+H we are very proud of our denim collection and we couldn’t be happier to add Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Levi’s Made & Crafted to the shelf among our other rad lines Nudie Jeans, Naked and Famous, Unbranded, Mother Denim, and United. Levi Strauss & Co. or simply Levi’s was founded in 1853 when Levi Strauss came from Buttenheim, Bavaria, to San Francisco, California to open a west coast branch of his brothers’ New York dry goods business. In 1873, Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis received a U.S. patent to make the first riveted men’s work pants out of denim: the first blue jeans were born!


It is hard to believe that Levi’s iconic riveted denim jean was introduced over a century ago. Since then, Levi’s has periodically tweaked the fit, fabric and features of the 501 Jean to suit the needs and preferences of the modern worker. Although oftentimes subtle and only apparent to the discerning eye, the differences between the Historic 501 Jeans help tell the story of the Levi’s brand and the ever-evolving landscape of the American frontier.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing reproduces each of the most historically significant 501 jeans from the past 122 years exactly as they were when they were first introduced. Every last detail—including the fabric, fit, sundries and even packaging—are obsessively recreated so that today’s fanatics can purchase and wear a pair of Historic 501 jeans as if they were living in a bygone era.

Luna + Hill is very proud to introduce the 1947 501s to the shelf.




Cone Mills 12oz Red Selvage Denim (14oz after wash)
Two back pockets with covered rivets
“E” red tab
Two Horse leather patch
Double needle stitched Arcuate
Watch pocket rivets returned after the war
No crotch rivet


“When World War II ended and raw materials were available again, Levi Strauss & Co. leaped back into heavy production to meet the growing post-war demand: slimmer fitting, with no extra details like the cinch or suspender buttons, this was a jean that was ready to rock and roll.

The watch pocket rivets came back after their wartime hiatus and the Arcuate was stitched on the back pockets again, after being applied with paint during the duration of the war. But it came back in a different form: thanks to new, double needle technology, the famed double arching stitch was now uniform in size and design, no longer subject to the skill of the individual sewing machine operator and her single needle machine.

The red tab with its capital “E” had never gone away, thanks to its status as a trademark. And the red selvage, 12oz. Cone Mills denim was still the bedrock of the jean, as it had been for nearly two decades.

By the end of the 1940s Levi’s Jeans were being sold across the U.S., aimed at the new, emerging middle class. The 1947 501 Jean was the jean of a new generation.”

We will be adding more from each of these Levi’s collections into the fall season. SHIT YAH.

All information and images provided in article directly from: http://www.levisvintageclothing.com/

The West Is Dead

The West Is Dead is a new line for us at Luna + Hill and we couldn’t be more glad to be supporting this company built from the ground up by a couple of friends from the prairies. Their dream started in Montana and took them to the West coast to design and manufacture a line of clothing for men and women dedicated to local craftsmanship and quality materials. They produced this great video which talks about who they are and how they got to where they are today despite people taking advantage of their inexperience and unknowingly being a fantastic outlier at their first trade show.

They have a great vintage inspired blog worth checking out but before that, have a look at what Mel, Katie and Drew put together for our photo shoot in downtown Saskatoon. We still have chinos, shorts, t-shirts and sweaters for guys and girls so come grab a new outfit for the Jazz Festival next weekend!







MoSoFest Local Flavour Preview

MoSoFest is definitely one of our favourite events Saskatoon has to offer during summer. MoSo starts today so this is our preview of acts playing this weekend who all got their start in our lovely City of Bridges. There are many talented artists from all over North America coming for the festival so hopefully this will just whet your appetite for the other shows you can go see.

Thursday at Amigos:

Close Talker


Friday at the Broadway Theatre:

Gunner and Smith


AND The Deep Dark Woods


Saturday at Amigos:

Castle River


AND Factor and The Chandeliers


This was just a small sample of some amazing artists from a variety of genres so please check out the MoSoFest website for more info on venues, other artists and ticket prices. Support local!





When looking up Muttonhead online, my good friend Google gave me the definition of the term which is “a dull person”. You sure won’t be looking dull wearing Muttonhead! This definition does little to reflect the quality and stylish nature of every piece of Muttonhead gear. Designed and manufactured by some lovely ladies in Toronto, this unisex line was created to outlast trends while focusing on sustainable fabrics and maintaining fair trade practices. What more do you want??






We have some amazing pieces in the store that look great on anyone. 5 panel hats, sweatshirts and shorts for a relaxing summer day or for a casual evening checking out a concert during Saskatoon’s MoSoFest (preview of the festival to come!).





Thanks to our awesome staff Matt and Adrienne for modelling.

Photos by Evan Neufeld.

Fjallraven Kanken and Kanken Mini


New to Luna + Hill this week is a great line of bags from Fjallraven. This Swedish company started by making superior backpacks and outdoor gear in 1950 built to withstand harsh environments and years of high performance use. As their popularity grew, Fjallraven wanted to provide children with an equally superior bag for school to carry their books, lunch and shoes in. As a result, the Kanken was born!




The Kanken bag soon became a common sight off the school yard when adults saw the benefits of the Vinylon F water resistant fabric, simple but useful design and the array of fun colours the bags came in. While Fjallraven continues to make products built to survive in the harshest climates (such as Saskatchewan…), you don’t need to be climbing Mount Everest to appreciate the quality, design and functionality of the Kanken.





Great for going to the gym, school, or as we found today, just grabbing a lemonade from the Bus Stop in downtown Saskatoon. Come by the shop to check out the killer Fjallraven Kanken!





All photos taken by the newest addition to the Luna + Hill family, Evan Neufeld